'Fragments' is my first photography book dedicated to my late Mum, Shuna Mackintosh. 

In 2017 my dear mum was diagnosed with Bulbar Neuron Disease, a rare strain of the Motor Neuron Disease and life as I knew it was shattered before me like a broken vase. Fragments is a chronological documentation of the photographs I took over two and half years from her initial diagnosis to the first six months after her death.

The complete book is shot in 35mm film, with no post production editing or manipulation of any kind. There will be a limited run of 200 copies of the book produced with over 100 colour stills and six raw black and white shots of my dear mother following some of the challenges she faced suffering from this cruel and vicious Disease. 

To me, this book is a window -  a glimpse into the world I was experiencing. Documenting the highs and lows, the pleasure and pain of this journey and the life changing experience as well as capturing precious moments with my mother.

 Details  on the book's release date will be announced over the coming weeks as its production has been put on hold through this pandemic.

For more information and enquiries please contact me via

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