Born in England in 1994, I am a graduate of Graphic and media design, currently devoting my time to the visual arts as a fine art photographer and artist. 

Academically trained as a Graphic designer at LCC, I have transferred my skills into painting and photography. I now create artworks to help cope with the grief of my late mother, using photography and painting to help make sense of the world in which my mother is no longer in. Full of narrative, my photography hints at incidents about to happen or events that have just occurred. The passing stranger, familiar yet incidental, show signs of a life lived, the others’ life. Through means of layering and traces, always beyond comprehension, it is this ambiguity that is the thread that connects my photography to my painting. On the surface, through the surface or reflected in the surface, it is this shifting focus that inspires the work. My artworks have a contemplative still effect; the juxtaposition of quietness whilst exposing glimmers of a hopeful life. There is a melancholy quietness in my work that is constantly at threat of being disturbed and obliterated.


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BA (hons) Graphic and Media Design, University of the arts London: London College of Communication 2014-17

Foundation Diploma in Art and Design, Wiltshire College Trowbridge 2012

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